Yarns to Mix with Jaipur Silk Fino

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Holding 2 yarns together (also known as double stranding) is really fun. Don't be intimidated by this technique - it's as simple as holding two yarns together as though they are one, and then knitting (or crocheting) away!

Why combine yarns? Firstly, it's fun! Mixing yarns gives you the opportunity to play with colour and texture. You can create different thicknesses and your desired fibre mix.

There are lots of patterns on Ravelry that combine yarns.

Playing with yarn: In the swatch above, from the bottom up, I've knitted 1 strand of Jaipur Silk Fino on 3.25mm needles to create a looser fabric, in the middle I've held 2 strands together, and at the top I've held 1 strand of Jaipur Silk Fino with 1 strand of Gossyp 4ply.

Jaipur Silk Fino is beautiful used on it's own as a 2ply laceweight yarn. Use it for 2ply patterns to create light garments and accessories. Size up your needles and combine with a 4ply pattern to create an gauze-y, open fabric.

Or, combine it with other yarns! You can literally hold it double with whatever your heart desires. A good starting place is KPC Gossyp 4ply for gorgeous summer tops and accessories.

Want something warmer? Turn up the to-die-for softness factor and hold Jaipur Silk Fino with a strand of Silk and Kid Mohair. Heaven!

This combination would be perfect for Kapua by Truly Myrtle. Here are some colour pairings:

Silver + Silver Grey

Baby Blue + Blue

Dusty Pink + Soft Pink

Olive + Olive Green


Bordeaux + Burgundy  

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