8 Summer Tops to Knit with KPC Gossyp 4ply

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With winter coming slowly to an end, my mind has turned to spring and summer knits. Often my motivation for making seasonal garments gets stronger as the new season approaches - the challenge of seeing if I can knit a jumper in time for winter always gets me knitting. As it is at the moment, whilst I'm still throwing on wintery clothes every day, I know the warmer days are edging closer and I'm keen to see how many summer tops I can get knit before the heat arrives.

With this in mind, I've been hunting down patterns and I thought I'd share some of my favourites here! These are the tops that caught my eye when I was looking for patterns to use with KPC Gossyp 4ply.

Gossyp is a lovely, soft pure organic cotton. I've used it previously to knit Adira and Reef, two of my favourite warm weather tops. It's so soft and drapes beautifully, I love wearing it. And it's easy care - toss it into the washing machine without a worry!

Svila Camisole by Caidree

A lovely light and breezy tank top for summer. Knit this in KPC Gossyp 4ply and you'll have a soft and swingy top that is cool and easy to care for.

Iris Tank by Along avec Anna

This pretty tank top features a diamond lace all over and an optional tie on the straps. The clear stitch definition of Gossyp 4ply will make the lace sing.

Portee by Marina Storm

This top also features pretty lace and encompasses a short sleeve (you could also easily modify this to add long sleeves in the drop-shoulder style).

This pattern calls for light fingering but a quick swatch with Gossyp 4ply will show you any size adjustments you need to make.

Walkway by Norah Gaughan 

This top features lots of interesting detail - front and back. Knitting on a large needle creates an open, light fabric. Using Gossyp 4ply for Walkway will give you a soft top that's easy care and feels amazing to wear.

Soho Top by Caidree

Looking for something quick? This lovely tank top uses two strands of 4ply held together - making it quick to knit and giving extra squish to the garter stitch. I'm planning on knitting this in Gossyp 4ply - I just have to decide a colour!

Argil by Clare Lockwood

I love everything about this top! From the stripe to the tie-front, I am dying to knit it! Once again Gossyp 4ply will create a light and cool fabric that's soft to wear and easy to care for.

Helle Top by Ronja Hakalehto

Another tie-front top, this one have a deep neckline and also buttons up the front. Wear with skirts and or linen shorts, or over the top of light summer dresses. Which colour Gossyp will you choose?

Glacial Light by Caitlin Hunter

This lovely tee is a great opportunity for colour play. The lace panelling makes for a light, summer-friendly top. You could also leave the stripes out and knit it all in one colour.

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