Below are some of the most frequently asked questions. Have a read below to see if your question can be answered here - if not, please don't hesitate to contact us, we're happy to help!

Q. Where do I download my digital file?

A. After ordering you'll be sent an email with the link to download your file. If you don't receive the email, please check your spam box as it may have gone in there. If you're having trouble downloading the file, try changing device or browser. 

Q. What is the recommended needle size for (insert yarn)?

A. The recommended needle size is listed in every description on every yarn on the website. In the description, look for the tab titled 'Recommended Needle/Hook' and tap/click for the info to become visible.

Q. What fibre is in (insert yarn) and is it certified organic?

A. The composition (fibre blend) is listed in every description on every yarn on the website. All of the yarns stocked by Say! Little Hen that are listed as organic are certified. In the description, look for the tab titled 'Fibre & Weight' and 'Origin' and tap/click for the info to become visible.

Q. How much yarn will I need for (insert project)?

A. If your project has sizing (i.e socks, garments, etc.), it's difficult to say how much yarn you'll need without knowing the size, and the particular style. If you're using a pattern, it will have the required amount of yarn listed on it in grams, and usually meterage/yardage, too. To work out how much yarn you need when substituting, match the meterage of the recommended yarn to the meterage of the yarn you're looking at, to get the most accurate results. For example, if a shawl uses 1 skein of yarn that weighs 100g and has 400 metres on it, and the yarn you want to substitute it with only has 200 metres to 100g, you'll need 2 skeins.

If you ever need more help with working out yarn quantities, please feel free to contact me. Include the link to or name of the pattern in your message to make it faster for me to help you :-)

Q. How much will postage cost me for (insert item) to (insert country)?

A. To find out how much shipping to your country will cost, simply go to checkout and fill in your shipping details. The postage options will then be displayed. For more on shipping please visit this page.


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