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There’s something special about giving a gift that you have made by hand. It almost seems like there is a connection between you and the recipient from the time you first cast on - they are in your thoughts with every stitch. Warm fuzzy feelings aside, choosing to make gifts rather than buy them is a wonderful way to create some projects that you wouldn’t otherwise make (such as a toy or baby item!) and you can be sure that your gift will be one of a kind!

Making gifts can sometimes be tricky, especially for more particular family members or friends. If you aren’t sure what colour to use, pay attention to the colours they already wear if you are making a beanie or scarf and choose simple, classic styles over more funky designs.

Thankfully these days, a lot of us save our wish lists to Pinterest or share them on social media, so with a little careful sleuthing you might be able to unearth some clues! Paying close attention to what the recipient likes will help you create with confidence and it will also show them just how much thought went into creating something special just for them.


Here are a few ideas to get you started:

Knit a Washcloth

If you gave someone a packet of dishcloths from the store, chances are you might get some funny looks. However, knitting a beautiful stack of washcloths allows you to create something really unique and useful - everybody will use a washcloth or dishcloth! Package them up with a beautiful artisan soap or include them in a tea and chocolate hamper and you have a beautiful boutique gift that is a winner every time. Plus, handmade reusable dishcloths are the eco-friendly must have in the kitchen.

 This gift is suitable for: Everyone

Make a bundle of pastel washcloths and include in a gift for a new baby.
Or a set of dishcloths that match the recipient's kitchen make a wonderful home warming gift.
Keep a little stash of these in different colours together with some artisan soaps and you will be gift ready - a friend of mine does this for things like colleague’s birthdays or teacher’s gifts.

Get started with our Pretty & Practical Washcloths, Neapolitan Icecream Washer or Waving Lace Washcloth patterns.

Knit a Mug Cosy

Another wonderful but simple gift idea are mug cosies! These are fun and you can often use up scraps of yarn for the colour work. Everyone loves to keep their tea and coffee as warm as possible, so why not solve that problem with a set of cute mug cosies? Depending on the colours you choose, these can be styled as bright and cheerful or somewhat serious and muted. To put together a complete gift package, add a mug and the recipients favourite beverage to the mix alongside some home-baked (or bought!) treats.


This gift is suitable for: Everyone
Consider knitting these up in lots of different colours! You could make them match your friend’s kitchen colours, or as Secret Santa gifts for work colleagues.
Mug cosies are a great stand-alone gift but they can also be added to special bundles and hampers to make a gift that comes from the heart.
A tip: If you are unsure if the recipient has a mug that will fit the cosy, purchase a mug and include it in the gift.

Get started by browsing our Mug Cosy patterns here.

Knit a Scarf

Wearables are definitely a more personal present, so chances are you will save this knit for your nearest and dearest. A little bit of anxiety can arise when choosing the perfect colour and style for a loved one, but with a little bit of thought, it’s not as tricky as you might think! If you are unsure, pay close attention to the colours and style that the recipient already wears and a little aforementioned sleuthing on social media can’t do any harm either. Unless you know for certain what the recipient likes, steering away from odd or less popular colours can be a good idea. As a rule - navy blue or cream are good classic colours that go with almost anything.

Considering the climate is a good idea when it comes to choosing fibre. If the recipient lives in a warmer place or has skin sensitivities, making a scarf in cotton will ensure they get plenty of wear out of it. Wool is always a hug for the soul and perfect for keeping the chills at bay in cold weather - it is also lightweight and breathable. It’s the ideal fibre for those who live in colder climates or places that have a good Winter.


This gift is suitable for: Teenagers to Adults (of any age or gender!)
The Maple Infinity scarf is a great go-to scarf pattern. The style is subtle and modern, with a beautiful textured stitch telling the story. All you have to do is choose your colour and fibre. These scarves are stylish and look great on anyone, with any outfit.
Perfect for birthdays and Christmas gifts - a hand-knitted scarf is also a beautiful way to let someone who has been unwell or in the hospital know they’ve been in your thoughts.

Knit a Toy

Making softies can be so much fun! It allows you to reminisce about your own childhood while creating a beautiful and unique gift for a child. Knitted toys are soft and textured which is great for multi-sensory play, especially in the age of plastic and digital screens. If the child or baby is too young, they also look beautiful on the nursery shelf until they are old enough to enjoy playing with it.
If you are making for a new baby, consider choosing colours that reflect the mother’s style or that match her nursery decor. If you are knitting for an older child, choosing their favourite colour as the main yarn - your gift will surely be a winner!


This gift is suitable for: Children
Whenever knitting for children, be sure to think of safety first. Items with small parts are not suitable for very young children or infants but can be displayed out of reach on the nursery shelf until they are old enough to enjoy playing with it. 

When it comes to choosing a fibre, cotton holds up well, and natural fibres are now popular with younger Mums.

Tip: A quick look on Instagram will help you if making for a fashion-conscious Mum - currently natural and muted tones such as oatmeal, mustard, navy and blush pink are on-trend.

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Seasonal Gifts

Knitting to a theme is good fun and a great way to get into the festive spirit! Making small gifts that can be used as decorative items are a good way to use up your stash and they will make anyone smile.
Little ornaments for Christmas are perfect for not only decorating your own home, but they are quick easy knits that make great gifts for anyone. You can make more practical items by just changing up the colours for more traditional tones, or create ornaments in colours that match the individual styles of the recipients you are gifting to. These are also perfect for Secret Santa, End of Year, Teacher and Work Colleague gifts.

 This gift is suitable for: Everyone
These seasonal gifts are fun to make and give. Why not hold a little knitting party to kick off the festive season? These are quick and easy, and you can use your stash! Some of them fit easily into a Christmas card for posting or add some chocolate and candy canes for additional sweetness!

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