New: KnitPro Knitting Needles

Posted by Sarah Price on

I'm very pleased to now be stocking the KnitPro Zing range of knitting needles in straight (single point), fixed circular and double pointed needles. 

This is a beautiful range of lightweight aluminium knitting needles that are a delight to use and come in a gorgeous range of colours. Each size is colour coded across the range, making it very easy to remember what size you're using or already own.

The KnitPro Zing fixed circular needles have a wonderfully flexible and durable cable and most important of all a very smooth join between the cable and needle. The join-end of the needle isn't overly tapered and is very smooth, allowing stitches to glide easily from cable to needle with your assistance. They are my favourite kind of circular needle to use, especially when using the magic loop method!


You can view the range of needles available by clicking here.

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