Christmas Ornament Swap

Posted by Sarah Price on

It's ornament swap time again! The Handmade Christmas Ornament Swap was so popular last year that it's on again, and sign-ups are open.

In case you missed it last year, or need a refresher on the details, here they are:

The swap is for Australian & New Zealand based knitters & crocheters and involves in you making 1-3 hanging ornaments and swapping them with your partner! This year, the swap is a 3-way swap, which means that you won't be receiving from the person you're sending to. This makes it extra fun as you can share progress pictures on your blog or social media as your recipient can have no idea of knowing who they're receiving from!

Sign-ups for the swap are open from today until the 15th October, although the swap could potentially closer earlier if it gets too full (it happened last year and sign-ups are coming in even faster this year, so make sure you sign-up and don't miss out on the fun!). It's a free swap and you can sign-up here.

You'll be emailed within 24 hours of signing up to confirm we've received it, and also be given your badge that you can share on your blog or social media! Participants also receive a handy 7-page guide with the details, timelines and heaps of tips on it when you receive your partner details. There will also be swap-themed yarn boxes and a discount code for the shop!


If you still need more details before signing up, head to the original blog post (here) for them.

Happy swapping!

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