Nettle Sock Yarn - Knitting with Nylon Free Sock Yarn

Posted by Sarah Price on

I was so excited to discover this yarn. I mean, knitting with nettles just sounds fun, doesn't it?

This is a European sock yarn that doesn't contain any synthetic fibres. Instead, it's a blend of soft wool and nettle fibre. The nettles provide durability to the yarn in the same way that nylon usually does. Given that nylon wasn't being added to yarn until mid-last-century, but socks have been being knitted for much longer than that, it's fairly clear that we don't actually need nylon in socks.

I've even got a pair of socks made in pure wool, and they are actually wearing pretty well. But this nettle yarn is more durable, and the added bonus is that plant fibres take dye differently than animal fibres. This has given some of the colours in this yarn a natural heathered or flecked effect, and it's lovely.

I only ever knit with natural fibres, with the exception of using some traditional sock yarn blends last year. So to have this lovely yarn that's durable but still made of nothing but natural fibres makes me really happy.

The colours in this yarn are just sublime. They all mix and match together really well, being bright and fun or soft and pretty depending on which you pair. This yarn is also suitable for everything you'd usually use sock yarn for, such as shawls and other accessories.

I'd like to knit myself a pair of watermelon inspired socks using this colour for the main sock and this colour for the toes, heel and cuff.

You can view the entire range of Nettle Sock yarn here - enjoy!


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