Sustainable Packaging

At Say! Little Hen we don't just care about the sustainability of the yarns you're using, but how they get from us to you.

We only use compostable and recyclable packaging to mail your orders in.

For parcels we use home-compostable satchels by The Better Packaging Co. These satchels can be composted at home - in your garden - and are made from non-GMO corn resin.
I love these bags and think it's pretty cool that you can pop them into your worm farm or bury them in the garden and they'll break down into nutrients for your plants!

Other packaging includes recyclable boxes and bubble mailers by Australia Post.

Inside the satchel, we use recyclable materials to wrap your goodies in (brown paper and tissue paper). We keep all of the bubble wrap and protective packaging that arrives on shipments from suppliers to reuse in your parcels.

So that bubble wrap your knitting needles came wrapped in is that same bubble wrap that was used to ship them from the manufacturer to us. Nothing is wasted.