Online Courses


Say! Little Hen is excited to now be offering Online Knitting Courses & Classes for students who are too far away to attend our in-person classes. Check them out here or read more below.


Sock Knitting Club
Knitting socks can seem overwhelming at first. With a large variety of techniques used it can feel almost impossible to get started.
Our Online Sock Knitting Club breaks down the process into easy bite-sized steps, so that you can enjoy knitting socks and build your confidence. During the Club, you'll learn to knit socks from the cuff-down using the Magic Loop Method. The sock you'll be knitting will have a heel flap & gusset style heel, and you'll learn to Kitchener stitch the toe for a beautiful finish.


Beginner's Knitting Workshop
This online workshop will set you up with the foundations of knitting in a fun, easy-to-learn way. You’ll learn and practise your new knitting skills whilst making a cosy, contemporary infinity scarf that you’ll be proud to wear.

About Say! Little Hen Online Knitting Classes
Teaching classes and workshops in my local area has been a rich and rewarding experience. It’s so satisfying and also inspiring to teach others all about knitting - seeing the look of delight on their face as they grasp the techniques and begin to enjoy themselves is something I won’t ever tire of.
As a pattern designer and also a yarn shop owner, I’m frequently having conversations with people about how they would like to learn a certain knitting skill. Often these people live too far away to attend one of my in-person classes, so after many requests I’ve began to teach people online.
Along with teaching knitters new skills, I wanted my courses to embody the same joy that is felt by my ‘real-life’ students. With this in mind, I encourage students to engage not only with myself but one another in the classroom comments in our courses.