About Our Yarns

I want to knit with beautiful, lovely yarn that is high quality and will last for a long, long time after it comes off my needles.

I want to knit with natural fibre yarns that have come from an animal or a plant, and not been produced in a factory out of synthetics and plastics.

And I want to knit with yarn that is soft - so soft to touch - that blows the itchy wool theories out of the water and makes you wonder who could ever call wool itchy!

I especially love it when these three things are combined with Australian grown or made or BOTH!

So at Say! Little Hen you can be sure to find soft, beautiful, quality yarn that's like luxury itself to knit with and stands the test of time. You can also be sure to find beautiful Australian grown and made yarns that match the softness criteria - because I don't care how local, organic or sustainable the yarn is if it doesn't feel nice to use and can't be worn next to your skin! 

If you're still not sure about softness you can grab yourself a sample card and see what I'm talking about it. Now you know just how lovely it is, don't you? Welcome to the world of good quality yarn!

You might notice that sometimes I have lots of different yarns arrive at once. It's because I've found them and they've ticked all the boxes and so they've come to join the tribe of Great Yarns. At other times, you might notice that I'm not sharing any new yarn. That's because I haven't found any that's as wonderful as the ones I already stock and thus not worthing of my shelves or your needles. We only want to work with the best after all!

What's so great about Organic Yarn?

Well, it's organic! Which means that it's been grown and processed without the use of any chemicals, pesticides or drug in the process. It also means that the fibre the yarn is made from is going to be the highest quality because when the farmer's don't have pharmaceuticals and chemicals to fall back they have to grow really healthy sheep. And really healthy sheep mean beautiful quality fleece that's soft and everything a fleece should be! 

Organic farming practices are also good for the world around us. There are no two ways about it - spraying poison on crops and injecting animals with it isn't the best thing for you, the sheep or the farmland! So I always choose good quality organic where I can

What's so great about Australian made or grown yarn?

It's local! It was made/grown right here in this country which means that it helps to support the economy of Australia. Which benefits us all. There's a lot that goes into getting wool off a sheep or alpaca and turning that into a ball of yarn. If some or all of the people involved in that process are Australian than that means you're supporting Australian families, which in turn support us all.

Aside from that, the Australian grown and made yarn I stock is of the finest quality and well, why shouldn't we use it! It's jolly nice yarn.

Even more about the yarns I stock:

WOOLganic - good for the sheep, good for the earth, good for you

Organic sustainable Australian grown merino wool yarn

WOOLganic yarn is made from 21.5 micron fleece, which means that it's exceptional quality and soft enough to be worn directly against your skin. This yarn comes from Australian certified organic or biodynamic farms. Sustainable farming practices with a low impact on the environment are used in the farming of the fleece. These include clean pasture management, attention to soil health, environmentally sound stock ratios, good nutrition, and herbal and homeopathic treatments.

The yarn is processed in New Zealand following organic standards and is dyed with ecologically low impact metal free dyes. For the technically inclined, this yarn features a slightly increased twist to reduce pilling.

WOOLganic is a beautiful yarn to work with and is deliciously soft and cuddly. It's perfect for both knitting and crochet and ideal for a range of projects - from garments and accessories for both adults, babies and children, to homewares such a blankets. This is an excellent staple yarn that no stash should be without!

Hand Dyed Yarns

The hand dyed yarns in my shop have been carefully selected from independent Australian dyers.

Due to the nature of Hand Dyed yarn, it is available in limited amounts and once out of stock could be for quite some time, or even permanently. The colour can vary noticeably between dye lots too, and for this reason, I recommend double checking the amount needed for your project before purchase (please feel free to contact me if you need any help!). If the quantity you require isn't in stock, do please contact me as new stock could be on the way, or I can make sure your yarn is added in the next order. 

Adagio Mills Alpaca - 

This is another yarn I am very excited to stock. It's also 100% Australian - grown here and processed in a mill that is owned by an Australian family. Adagio Mills are also passionate about sustainability - their mill is currently operating at 90% zero waste, and they aim to achieve 100% zero waste in the future. The fleece is not chemically treated, but simply washed to remove any dirt and vegetation that the alpacas collect in their paddock life. This means that the water used in processing is recycled through a grey water system. As the fleece is not treated with acid, the occasional bit of plant material may occur throughout the yarn. 

This yarn is also undyed! Some of the colours are exactly the same as they come off the alpaca, whilst others have been blended together to create new colours. I think it's pretty amazing!
This yarn is divinely soft and squishy, with a silkiness to it too. It's an absolute dream to work with - as soon as I cast on with it I knew it had to be added to my shop!

The perfect choice for any project!