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Digital Australian Yarn Magazine

Digital Australian Knitting Magazine

I'm very excited to announce the publication of Yarnologie - an Australian-based quarterly digital magazine designed to inspire, empower and encourage fellow yarn crafters to try new things, share their creations and just enjoy the goodness of making with yarn.

The first issue of Yarnologie was published on September 1st, 2018 and the response has been overwhelming. It's been amazing and delightful to read all of the positive feedback and hear about the joy that Yarnologie has brought people of the yarn community in Australia and around the world.

What is Yarnologie?

Yarnologie is about sharing the stories of the people who grow, make and create with beautiful yarn, with an emphasis on natural fibres and sustainable practices.

Some regular features to each issue of Yarnologie include informative articles & advice, interviews and stories from inspiring creatives in the yarn community, a how-to, recipe and a hand-picked collection of project ideas.

Yarnologie is visually inspiring and beautiful, with stories that will take you into the creative worlds and lives of other makers. There are many wonderful stories out there to tell; what the future issues of Yarnologie will bring is very exciting.

You can subscribe to the next 12 months of Yarnologie here, and if you didn't subscribe before August 31st, you can now purchase Yarnologie Issue 01 here.

You can learn more about Yarnologie here & follow Yarnologie on Instagram here.

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