Knit A Christmas Garland

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I love decorating things, no matter the time of year! Knit up a beautiful star garland to display this festive season, or leave it up year-round.

This star garland is easy to knit with lovely results. Choose your colours to match your decorating scheme - I wanted something modern so I went with soft pink and cream.

How to Knit A Christmas Star Garland:

You'll need 2 balls of Gossyp 4ply Organic Cotton, 1 of each in your favourite colours. I used Rosie & Pearl and I chose organic cotton because it's easy to work with at this time of year (very cool under your hands) and the finished fabric has just the right amount of drape to make the stars hang nicely.

Using this free pattern for a Six Point Star, knit 3 stars in Rosie and 2 stars in Pearl.

Next, knit 1 metre of i-cord as follows:

With Pearl and 3 ¼ mm DPNs, cast on 2sts

Row 1: Knit
Second Row: Do not turn needles, but instead slide work to the other end of the needle. Knit all sts. Slide work to end of the needle. Knit all sts. This creates i-cord. 
Repeat until tail measures approx. 1 metre from cast on end. 
Cast off.

Darn in the ends on the i-cord, and lay it out on a flat surface. Lay the stars along the garland until you're happy with their place, then stitch them securely to the i-cord.

Your garland is now ready to hang!

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