Hello & welcome - my name is Sarah and I'm so happy you've popped by my shop. If you've found your way to this page you no doubt are after a little behind-the-scenes information.

Say! Little Hen is located on the Atherton Tablelands, Queensland, on a small farm that is home to a mixed bag of chickens and backed by the loveliest mountains.

I've a love for creating - it relaxes me like nothing else can and also creates connections to like-minded people both online and in real life. I don't believe there is anything better we can do as individuals than create and work with our hands. Say! Little Hen is a combination of my favourite forms of creativity - knitting, writing and baking sourdough.

In Autumn 2017 I expanded my store to include a select range of beautiful hand knitting yarns, with a focus on natural fibres, grown organically and processed naturally where possible. Knitting with natural and organic fibres is a lovely experience and gives you a beautiful, high-quality item to treasure at the end. We pour so much love and time into our knitting that I think it goes without question that a good quality yarn must be used! If you would like to know more about the yarns I stock, please visit this page.

In my boutique you'll also find a selection of Knitter's & Crocheter's accessories - tools, buttons and other goodies to help you finish off your project beautifully and make your job easier, your crafting time prettier and sometimes a little bit more special!

Please subscribe to the bi-monthly newsletter here if you would like to stay in the loop about new patterns and products and special offers. The newsletter also aims to inspire, with a selection of project suggestions for you, alongside some helpful knitting tips.