Spelt Sourdough Made Simple eBook
Spelt Sourdough Made Simple eBook
Spelt Sourdough Made Simple eBook

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Spelt Sourdough Made Simple eBook

This eBook comes in digital PDF form (after purchase you'll be automatically emailed the files for instant download).

Who is this eBook for?
If you want to bake delicious spelt sourdough loaves with outstanding results using simple methods, this is for you.
If you want to bake sourdough using all kinds of spelt - and ONLY spelt in your loaf, this eBook is for you. There is no breaking down with other flours. I created the recipes for use with whole spelt, wholemeal spelt or white spelt. They're also compatible with 100% whole wheat flour!

"This eBook is a true little gem, Sarah talks you through every step, you can really feel her holding your hand along the way, and before you know it you have become a home baker, making scrumptious sourdough loaves to fruit and savoury scrolls" - Tania McMahon

Why do you need this eBook?
Baking sourdough with spelt flour and whole flours is a whole different kettle of fish than baking with white wheat flour. I've been on the steep learning curve from baking bricks to discovering how to actually bake sourdough bread, using real whole food ingredients and not compromising on nutritional value. I'd love you to be able to bake delicious bread from the get-go! 

It IS POSSIBLE to make light, delicious and beautiful sourdough loaves using spelt flour. Sourdough is an absolute joy to create and opens the door to so much more than bread baking. In my eBook, I'll show you how!

Here's a little about what you'll find inside Spelt Sourdough Made Simple:

- Learn how to create and care for your own sourdough starter
- 10 delicious recipes to use your starter in, exclusive to Spelt Sourdough Made Simple (full list of recipes below)
- 3 proving schedules to choose from, applicable to all of the recipes to make fitting sourdough into your routine even easier
- Over 30 beautiful colour photographs
- Comprehensive, easy to apply methods and techniques to produce delicious, well risen, airy, crusty brown spelt sourdough bread!

"I really love Spelt Sourdough Made Simple and it certainly does cover everything I wanted and needed to know about sourdough baking with spelt flour. Although it comprehensively covers everything about spelt baking it is very easy to follow and every recipe I have followed has turned out perfectly and did I mention, delicious!" - Dawn Packer

The Recipes:
- The Master Recipe (everyday loaf)
- Baguettes
- Cinnamon Scroll Pull-Apart
- Fruit Buns
- Pizza Dough
- Pizza Scroll Wreath
- Bacon & Leek Scrolls
- Garlic & Cheese Loaf
- Salad Wraps/Flat Bread
- 5 Minute Grilled 'Pizza'

Plus the step-by-step Sourdough Starter Recipe!

Published August 1st, 2016 by Sarah Price